Adonis Richards

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Hi, at the moment I'm studying Web Design and coming September I will be graduating. It is all so exciting because last Friday 03-03-2018, I subscribed as a SFM student.

This is real cool stuff. My plans were to launch an Audio Recording Studio, but since SFM has come into my life I will have to get creative with my future plans.

I am 57 years of age, my wife Zayra and I have two young men, Morris age 21 and Caine 19.

In 2016 I made a career change and decided I had to get in touch with the modern world. I have had different functions over the last 36 years, of which the last 25 I was employed at a Telecommunications Organization in the Netherlands.

Being a musician I started out with the Music Business Course and followed that with a Web Development Course.

This is quite cool because studying Web Design at the University and actually learning from SFM at the same time is awesome.