Adrian Jarvis

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Hi, I live a contented life at Corbiere in Jersey in the Channel Islands on a headland overlooking the sea, it's a beautiful spot.

My primary interest is music, I worked as a professional drummer/percussionist/vocalist for many years playing for cabaret shows, summer shows, cruises and in theatre pit orchestras. I don't play so much now but have a part time job teaching drums in a local music school. My wife and I are involved with several choirs (I sing bass and she sings alto) as well as a local Amature Dramatics Society all of which we really enjoy.

I came to Digital Bloggers through my online marketing relationship with SFM and DEA as they recommended them to me

I live with my wife in a beautiful house with two dogs, Wilfy a Cavalier King Charles and Cassie a Havanese, Archie the cat and Flopsie Bunny the rabbit

I also worked in the printing industry, first as a printer, then in administration, management and sales. I am now retired and working as an online marketer from which I enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

I would highly recommend anyone looking to supplement their income to look into online marketing as it gives you the freedom to enjoy a wonderful lifestyle and can also earn you a lot of money, want to give up the 9 to 5, this is the way to do it!