Birgit Fischer

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Hello and welcome to my world of music and creativity :)

Music is my medicine. Being a singer, songwriter and teacher I dedicated my life to music and healing.

After 20 years of a successful music career I now went back to university in Germany, Hamburg – to finish my degree in medicine. I know, a little crazy mix! But music is a healer, a playground and a power plant. I love to inspire people! Makes me happy, too :)

For decades I have been teaching vocals and creativity and cannot stop to be amazed by the effect on peoples power. People plug in. By simply getting closer to the source of creativity and music! I love to be a muse, a musician and coach for people who dare to grow. Feels like treasure hunting.

Gratefully I may say I am extremely lucky to have fulfilled my wildest dreams already: a major record deal with the Rammstein label, artistic freedom with my own alternative rock band, touring, MTV, Bavarian Film Award for music, John Lennon Talent Award, 20 years of being an extremely skilled studio professional, hundreds of CDs and publications. It all became real ... In Europe people know my voice from hundreds of TV commercials (from Smart, Audi, Telekom, Fa, Mercedes to being radio station voice of Radio Berlin to techno, lounge and movie soundtracks). Most played TV singer in Germany thanks to great partnerships and steadiness.

I noticed the huge changes within the music industry years ago and how many job still keep getting lost. New times, new chances. If creative people get new digital skills, what an amazing change happens to the freedom within these new lifes of digital entrepreneurship. What an adventure!