Blair Gardner

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I'm passionate about saying NO to the 9-5 traditional work week and I am on a journey to find a better life through creating my own online business.

Its so easy to get caught up in life and get a safe and secure 9-5 job because its the normal thing to do and because its expected of you. To be honest working in a normal job made me miserable.

I want to show the alternates out there and that there's so many opportunities online to start making a great full time income.

Although I'm no master at it, I know that when I'm doing what I like, I'm 'me'. When I'm working a job I hate, I'm a different person.

Working online, has made me a more positive person and it gives me such optimism and excitement to know that what I'm doing every day is directly benefiting me and my business, not working as a slave for someone else's dream.