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Hi, I'm Chris Sumner, the name behind The Freedom Journey Hub, I'm a family man and internet marketer, working hard building a new life and digital business through personal growth techniques, mentoring and training.

Three months ago, I made a decision to change my life completely. Once the decision was made, I had a lot of "headwork" to do, and a lot of self-doubts to tackle.
Now I am committed to this journey, I have everything I need, in my head and my heart, to succeed, and I've never felt more certain of anything in my entire life.
I will not go to my grave saying, "What if...?" or "If only...!"
I will not reach my twilight years knowing I could have had an impact for the better in the world, in people's lives, in the environment, but not having done anything about it.


I spent the last 12 years in the IT industry (financial transaction services), and I worked up to a senior position in a software company. I work from home, in a high-pressure industry with minimal managerial input. My skill-set has had to become very broad in order to carry out my responsibilities. Everything from building client relationships, to programming, designing, configuring, supporting, mentoring, maintaining, documentation and training.

But my heart is not made of microchips or wires. And my background before breaking into this career could not have been more different.

At heart, I am still a country boy. My heart yearns for green spaces, trees and the sounds and smells of nature in the raw, and I have been seeking "the meaning of life" most of my life.

The story of my life is a direct reflection of that seeking, is yours? When you look back, are you able to identify distinct stages in your life directly related to the state of your mind at the time and your understanding of the world and your place in it?

I came to the realisation that to find my real purpose, I needed to check what my values actually were, then having done so, check what value I could be to the world and to others.

So I took the chance and started my own online business and in the process realised my journey of self-discovery, personal growth and self-actualisation, the path I had always been seeking, had just opened up before me.

I am on the road and have no intention of looking back.
To live a life in line with my values and ambitions, I necessarily require the freedom to do so. SFM is providing that freedom, and I want to help everyone willing to do the work to get their wheels on that road too, even as I learn about the next fork in the road.
I may only be a little further along the track, but I can help anyone travelling behind decide which fork to take, and which pothole to avoid.


Many, many years ago, in my late teens and early 20's, I was involved with a voluntary youth work group at the regional level. I was one of two representatives for the Cheshire and Wirral region on a committee for the North West of the UK.
One morning, during a relaxed and informal meeting after a residential conference we had organised and contributed to, and nursing a terrible hangover, one of the youth work liaison officers asked a direct question that no-one responded to.

"Come on!" She said, frustrated, "You're all autonomous young people!"
I immediately responded. "I don't want to be an autonomous young person. I want someone to tell me what to do!"

And I meant it.
I had no idea. No clue. No plan. No Direction.

I wanted someone to solve all of my problems for me. To have all my questions answered and to have a path laid out for me, before I was willing to take action on anything or make a decision.
All I knew for certain at that age was that I did not want anything to do with the rat-race of 9-5. I wanted to do something true, significant and outstanding.

It's taken 25+ years since that day for me to finally wake up for real, and grasp my own life by the horns and actually start driving it in the direction I really want.

This is OUR Journey!