Dan LoGiudice

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I was born and raised in Chicago to a low-middle income family. Growing up for me was kind of a struggle. I witnessed my parents struggle financially, and I lost my mom when I was only 13, and about to start High-school. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I went on to college at 18 and dropped out soon after. I was in desperate need of money and felt forced to start working. I went on to work many different jobs ranging from construction to Real Estate to working as a waiter, which I would do for many many years. All the while I had this nagging voice inside that kept telling me I am not living the life I want. I did not enjoy having to spend most of my waking hours working in an unfulfilling job of meager pay. After a while that voice inside me began to quiet down as I began to accept my life as it was. In 2015 however, my life hit rock bottom. I went through a painful divorce and soon after I found out that the mother of my 2 sons had a terminal illness. After some very hard times I knew I had to figure out my life. I went through an incredible journey of self development and was fortunate enough to find some great mentors along the way. Eventually I discovered SFM and the online business model. This was the opportunity for me to finally do something I can be passionate about and create the lifestyle of freedom I always wanted. Now that voice inside of me has woken up and is more alive than ever before. We live in an amazing time where we have the opportunity to spread our message to the world.
I am passionate about self development and health, and feel blessed for the opportunity to share some of the incredible insights that have helped me transform my life! I like to keep my writing straight to the point and tell it like it is. It is my hope that my message will inspire all of you to pursue your dreams and create the life that you truly deserve."You cant change the world without changing yourself first"