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The digital economy represents unprecedented opportunity for almost anyone to create a life and a business around the things they're most passionate about in life. We're passionate about sharing the resources that have enabled us to begin the journey of digital entrepreneurship.
About Scott: Scott came to entrepreneurship from a corporate background in a place many don't think of as corporate - the US Army. Over the past 17 years of a 27 year career, he worked as a project manager testing and evaluating major defense systems. Feeling led to pursue a more wholesome path in life, he left a six-figure a year salary and benefits to step into the uncertainty of the entrepreneurial journey.
About Mike: Having built a very successful executive coaching business in Dubai, Mike's goals of creating greater time and financial freedom seemed as distant as ever. He realized that the old way of trading time for money were still the primary model for his business, so he decided he had to take it online. His search for the education he needed to make that happen led him to the Six Figure Mentors.