Dermot Mc Donough

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Hello to the World of Recovery, it's Dermot here, my goal is to be of service to you. How? Well I am in recovery from alcoholism since 2003, and am an Accredited Addiction Counsellor/ Recovery Coach, since 2006. My career has taken a diversion lately as I am now on my way to be an on line affiliate marketer. On my journey I have seen how recovery and marketing have a lot of similarities, these being your state of mental & emotional well being. If we can apply our own experience, strength & hope, from our recovery, into our marketing business, then it will be very hard to fail.
I came to Digital Bloggers through the SFM and I do feel that the time was just right, as I am passionate about helping others with their on going recovery and life.
I'm happily married with 2 sons aged 7 & 5 and we live in beautiful (but wet) County Donegal, in Ireland. My life revolves around my family as I feel blessed to have them. We do everything together and most of all we try our best to have fun. I enjoy out door activities, like walks, hikes, cycling and travel, when we can.
That's me, hope I can be of help to you or give you some value.