Epiphany Ntukula

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Hi I am Epiphany,
Founder at goodbyecorporatehellofreedom.com. A professional affiliate marketing and digital entrepreneurship company.
I am passionate about helping people wanting to make the transition from the life in the corporate world to Digital Entrepreneurship in order to attain the desired lifestyle of freedom for themselves.

For a number of years, I have worked in Corporate Finance in Ireland and Australia, climbing the corporate ladder. Whilst my career gave me many opportunities, I felt stuck and trapped and in no control of what was being present in-front of me.

It was through my mentors Stu and Jay at Six Figures Mentors I was able to make the transition from the stresses of the corporate world into entrepreneurship.

If you are planning your escape from corporate world into digital entrepreneurship goodbyecorporatehellofreedom.com working in partnership with the SFM have mapped out a business success blueprint you will need to succeed in making the transition into entrepreneurship.

We hope we can help you say Goodbye to Corporate and embark a new life of Freedom!