Gints Adams

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I am happily married man with 3 kids. Already for 20 years my mind is busy with looking for answers why some people are happy, wealthy and some not. I found answers, tested them and at present I am learning how to pass this knowledge to others.
I was a seaman with goal, to become and sail as Captain on vessel, accomplished, I had a goal to earn six figure salary, accomplished, I had a goal to build my dream house for my family, accomplished, I had a goal to be fulfilled, I am accomplishing it now as I write.
For last 11 years I work a lot with myself on developing skill set for material success and spiritual healing. I have reached all my goals I had written down before, however I do not own my time yet, I am not able to use it how I would like to. I want spend more time with my 3 kids while they need me the most.
Me and my wife, we enjoy to be helpful for people who have not been so fortunate like us and most of them are still struggling to understand why life is so difficult and how to improve it. We would like to emphasise communication skills for families with kids. We truly believe that communication is the key towards success either in family or in business.