Danielle Paphitis

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Hello I'm Danielle

In recent years my focus has shifted from a corporate view to a personal desire to enable everyday people to use digital marketing skills to create an income from BEING who they are and DOING what they are passionate about.

In the past, I had the opportunity of working with numerous organisations to connect and promote brands into the digital community. Our clients ranged from small business owners through to leading brands, who chose us to help with their digital marketing campaigns; assisting them consistently grow their brand, attract more qualified leads and convert them into sales through the delivery of custom marketing strategies. But lately, something shifted within me...

For as long as I can remember personal development has been an obsession of mine... from meditation & yoga to fitness and nutrition. My passion for self-discovery leads me to Nepal at age 18 to live and volunteer in a school for five months. While there I learned Vipassana Meditation during 10 days of silence in a Kathmandu monastery. In later years I attended Unleash the Power Within (UPW) with Tony Robbins and through harnessing the power of my mind; I walked on hot coals (yes friends thought I was crazy!). I attended my 2nd 10 days of silence in Queensland (Australia) and in 2015 I enrolled in T Harv Ekers Quantum Leap program. This incredible experience found me in a Malaysian forest as a member of a tribe of incredible people from all over the globe. It was there I finally began to understand that we as individuals achieve massive results when we are a part of a community that takes action toward common values.

Recently I made the life changing decision to be a part of the SFM community and now I am an online entrepreneur receiving world class mentoring and training at the Digital Entrepreneur Academy to further my knowledge and skills as an online marketer and business coach.