James Swindells

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I'm a Dad of three amazing children who works in a large Metropolitan Fire & Rescue Service.
As I have got older and unplugged more from the Matrix I have began to investigate and learn about the universe and the world we live in. This had led me to throw out a lot of what I learnt as a child and totally re-evaluate my beliefs, values and life. My aim is to get as many people to start thinking for themselves and live a life of freedom and happiness. Life is for exploring and doing the things that spark your interest and inspire you. Unfortunately we have been trapped by a consumerist society that leaves millions in abject poverty whilst an "elite" few live a life of extraordinary decadence. Human beings now fight to protect the system that enslaves them and go through life like zombies.
After all my research into psychology, meta physics, quantum physics, astro physics, philosophy, ancient hidden history, spirituality and ancient wisdom of the indigenous peoples of the world, I believe a picture is starting to form like a jigsaw with the picture of the truth that was intentionally shattered, scattered to the four winds and hidden from us. I believe I have some answers and although no one can ever be 100% sure what the real truth is, I believe my perception of the truth to be a lot closer to actual reality than the commonly accepted version.
So here I am on Digital Bloggers finding a new way to do things and learning about world of online marketing so I can get this message out there.