Jennies Cooper

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I'm a 26years old young professional who believe that it is about time to put my life together. Sitting around and wishing for opportunities to come and find me or putting together goals and dreams that can never be put to action won't help me go inch in life. Few months ago I decided to quit my full-time job from the Home Depot without finding a replacement trusting God for a change with the thought that if I don't make myself uncomfortable I won't feel comfortable enough to seek for the change that I want. After completing 6weeks of CNA training and putting in applications here and there without being call to start work I knew that I needed another options. I spent hours on YouTube searching for source of inspiration and motivation videos through the process I came across the SFM ad and with the click and watching the first few video I just felt that it was no need to wait. And at this point in my journey I'm glad that I took that first step and with another step after another I believe that I'm getting closer to the result I need to have a stress relief life style.