Kathryn Marker

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My name is Kathryn, I created my passion based website “Women Seeking Wisdom” because I actually want to help women and create a positive impact on the world.

I want to show normal women that we can make a difference in the world – without superstar status, Phds or starting a mass rally to fight injustice. We can change the world by using our voice to help others solve problems, create connection, by building each other up and bringing goodness to each other’s lives.

I honestly started this journey in an unusual way. I was looking to create a business from home. I was looking for the modern version of Tupperware I guess, without the parties and cold calling. I met my mentors and they helped me in a more deep and profound way than I ever anticipated.

They helped me create a business which is geared towards my passion and purpose – creating positive change in the world – in a way that is suited best to my strengths. And I do this just a few hours a week, around my day job (in Remedial Massage) just so I can have a bit extra time and money to spend with my family and loved ones.

Women Seeking Wisdom was created to connect women with tools and information to create actual changes in their lives, better quality relationships, more self-awareness and practical tools and resources to help them in everyday life.

This site is made for you if you have a conqueror mentality. We are the women who quietly, but confidently stand firm and strong amongst the chaos. We want to make a positive impact on the world around us. We don’t just want to dream – we want to create change!

The information provided by this website is designed to be both informative but practical too. We know that in order to create positive changes in your life, “crash diets” and so forth don’t have the greatest chances of success.

What you need is to create a lifestyle conducive to your growth, purpose and wellbeing. It is my mission to provide you with that.
Most of the articles on this site are based around bringing out the best in you, your relationships, work and life. This includes anything and everything that modern women struggle with to help enrich your life such as ways to save time, better communication, relationship advice, starting an online business and even quick easy healthy recipes for the women who hustle (I told you it’s practical haha)!

All of the articles have been thoroughly researched by credible sources and are referenced with links so that you can go to the sources if you like. Personally, I’ve grown up around personal development. I understand though that this is bigger than me, though I try to give a unique perspective on subjects (and I love to hear yours). I’m tired of being held back by what our culture deems acceptable/right.

Some random things about me:
I’m 30 going on 40 haha
I have myself a hunky fella and a 7 year old daughter, both of whom I love dearly
I love reading and creative writing (obviously).
I’m an introvert wo loves people (so I get tired a lot, but I love it)
I want to learn photography eventually

I have worked in Remedial Massage for over 4 years and I love it, but my hands are breaking down so I won’t be able to do it forever (hopefully a few more years though)

So I want to invite you to meet the people who are helping me create a business and a life that I love so that you can use this education to help you do the same!