Lisa Powell

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I am 58 years old, I live in Idaho and work at a potato plant. The irony makes me laugh. I am looking at retirement in a few years and not financially ready for it, even though I am so emotionally and physically invested in it. I have built and ran a family oriented homeless shelter for over a decade, have been a single mother, raising my two girls and a couple more that landed in our lives. I've had a brilliant life, full of many challenges like everyone else, but it has all worked out. I am passionate about community and growing as an individual. I love Albert Einstein's definition of Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I've built my life around it. The older I get, the more fearless I become. Perhaps because the only true human limitation we have before deportation, is time. And even that can be argued! Within that allotted time frame, the sky is the limit. Yet what holds us fettered to our circumstances, is the way we think, the constructs of our minds that bend us toward fear, skepticism, helplessness and hopelessness. I've been practicing the demolition and re-construction of my limiting thoughts and beliefs for decades. Yet, there are always opportunities to abolish more strongholds as they become apparent. A bit over a month ago, I declared to my daughter in a fit of frustration, 'before I leave this place, I am going to conquer my finances!’ Finances have always been a huge 'weak' place for me. So, just a few days later, I clicked an ad on YouTube. I don't click ads, period, but I did! I was late for work, so I wrote the link down. For 2 days, I thought about that link and then I thought, 'oh that is stupid' and all the justifications to quantify my belief that, 'that is stupid', flooded in. Finally, the epiphany came and I had to laugh. I have learned over the years that when negative thoughts hit me so viciously, that there is an opportunity that arises from such fierce oppositions. So, here I am. I have join the SFM, team. I've been in a little over 30 days. I love it! It challenges me in so many ways, technically it is a learning curve but there is such a strong educational platform built in and people support at the touch of a button. What really excites me is the language and focus on developing a 'new mind set' and of overcoming my circumstances. I have found that the support and culture of this business, is amazing. This is the beginning of my journey. I will keep you appraised!