Lori Larson

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Aloha! I'm Lori and I'm a Personal Growth Advocate and a Digital Entrepreneur.

I moved to Kauai, Hawaii to follow my dreams after hitting a major crossroad in California.

I’ve survived some pretty nasty nightmares in my life, but through those calamities, I’ve come to realize I really am at the helm of my own ship. And that I, not anyone else, get to set my own life’s course!

I wasn't groomed for college by the school system nor my parents and after a couple of years in community college I gave up on the formal education idea and got married and started a family. I was fortunate enough to stay at home and raise my two children and didn't have to work. I aspired to be the best wife and mother I could possibly be.

After 19 years, the marriage ended and I found myself on my own, with no career, very little education, and no income. The loss of security was frightening. I struggled for many years to make ends meet in jobs that I hated and that didn't pay a living wage. I really wanted to start an online business because I loved the idea of working from home on my own terms.

I looked at many online training businesses and failed at all of the ones I tried because of little training support and a healthy dose of self-doubt. I really had no idea how to market myself on the Internet and I got completely overwhelmed. I stayed working in dead-end jobs and a dwindling massage therapy practice and silently yearned for a better way to earn a living.

I'd developed a strong sense of self-confidence by following the teachings of spiritual teachers like Deepak Chopra, Eckart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, and a ton of others. I learned about self-acceptance and how to be comfortable with who I am in the world, even in the face of my bleakest times. I became empowered in the core of my being, with a sense of certainty and clarity.

Still, the logistics of life were complicated because I was living on an extremely tight budget. I knew I was never going to retire and I was going to have to work for the rest of my life. I really wanted my own business that I could run even when I'm ninety. I wanted to be able to make money from anywhere in the world because I wanted the freedom to travel, visit my children, and live wherever I choose.

I was scrolling Facebook one day and an ad rolled up for online training to build your own digital business. I was about to ignore it and pass it off as just another online marketing training that would take all my money and I wouldn't make a dime. But it promised a step-by-step education system with strong support so I curiously clicked the link and watched the 7-video series. I realized it wasn't full of hype like all the others. It felt like the people were straightforward and authentic.

I learned the company had a very strong mentorship support team, and that I could get live help whenever I needed it! This was the missing piece in all my previous failed attempts! I decided to jump in. I learned about the essentials of building an online business, getting key tips and direction in the comprehensive training modules. They presented a plethora of live webinar calls that were thorough and motivating. And best of all, with the live chat support team available, I could get help whenever I got stuck!

One of their main messages is that their marketing strategies are NEVER about hustling. It's about sharing your unique message on a completely authentic level and giving high value to the customer up front.

Believe me, I've been down that road of get-rich-quick and I can smell it a mile away, and this is not that.

I’m putting in my due diligence and investing some resources, but somehow, it doesn't feel like work. I can't wait to get started each day, and quite frankly, sometimes I lose all track of time and forget to eat!

I love taking charge of my own life's work and living on my own terms. This is a sincere group of genuine people living their passion to help you create results in your personal and business life. They even advocate for mindset development. The mentors highly recommend their students follow the very same personal growth teachings that I started with years ago.

With their online educational system, they do not merely disperse information and leave you to sort it all out for yourself. They actually stay by your side through the whole journey of creating freedom in your life through their earn-while-you-learn system!

I'm so relieved and excited to have the opportunity and the support I need to launch my own online business and have it fully support me.

I have the sincere passion to help you improve your life too. I want to help you overcome the mental and emotional blocks holding you back from the life you love like I did. You can wake up to your best version of yourself. Your inner game has everything to do with your outer reality. Your life can be a thrilling adventure of freedom and fulfillment.

As well, If you’re ready, you can become self-reliant by building your own "freedom business", as my mentor calls it. Thriving in your own online venture will help you make the money you want, have the freedom to work and play anywhere in the world, and live the incredible life you came here to live!