Louis Munro

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I am an entrepreneur who has a passion for business and the human advancement it brings. I am extremely excited about my new business of affiliate marketer, because of the freedom it can unleash.

I work from home and I currently live on a beautiful piece of land in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I am surrounded by serene nature about 4km from the nearest beach. I am extremely grateful to experience such beauty and I enjoy beautifying this space even more.

Africa offers a unique experience and it is in many ways not for the faint hearted, having said that, I believe Africa offers large untapped potential. We can enter a new world of prosperity, if people allow themselves to unleash their hidden potential .

My favourite pastime is spending time with my wife, children and grandchildren.
Surfing and landscaping are my favourite hobbies. I love the sun and adventure. I also cycle and do pilates.

My aspirations are to grow spiritually, emotionally and to become more. I am a student of life and I am learning to be a deliberate creator. I like reading insightful books and to interact with my mentors. I am a big dreamer who have hope and I believe in individual freedom. I am a citizen of earth and my credo is freedom.

My business background is 20 years experience in Accounting, finance and 15 years owning my own businesses working for myself. I am vastly involved in business coaching.

I am now working towards a new lifestyle of freedom, where I can optimally leverage my time and effort. I am specifically going to use the internet to achieve this goal.

Escaping the 'corporate race' and living a more free life is a dream came true for me. If I can to this, anybody can. This is not the end of the road as I only recently engulfed myself in the digital economy. Along my path I would love to share past experiences, valuable information and current solutions that will benefit and enrich lives.

Thank you for reading.

Louis Munro