Louisa Gordon

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I have owned my own businesses since 2007 selling light aircraft. The companies are doing well and have taken us on great trips all round the world! My husband still flies corporate jets while I sell the light aircraft from home.
I have 2 children, Archie who is 7, and Grace who is 2. I live in a country village in West Berkshire, South England with my husband, the kids, a rabbit and 4 chickens!
I found balancing the new motherly life and work very challenging, but do-able. I am still learning, but I think that is something all work from home mums face!
Since the gorgeous Grace came along in 2014, I have had a bit more time to reflect on what is really important in life, I have taken a bit more time to get some perspective this time round and I really don't think there is anything more important than family at the end of the day!
I really want to help other Mums earn a living from home and work around the children if they choose to. Mums don’t need to feel torn between the family and earning money, you can choose to do both!
I believe in enjoying the children while they are small whilst also taking this time to grow yourself too. Grow with education and training so that when the time comes to return to work or start your own business, you are a stronger, more knowledgeable person, ready to take on the world!