Luís Jesus

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My name is Luís Jesus, some people call me l.J I am from Faro the capital of the Algarve in the South of Portugal.

Since I was very young I was different, always very dreamy, very pure and true.

But I was always very human and Deep with people, (I really helped people with my words with my energy) I was always a motivator and a leader, thus I have traveled many countries in the world, saw many cultures and experienced various and amazing moments in life.

Always loved to teach and share, that I came to discover that it is the best way to learn, and allowed me to grow a lot in the different areas of lifeways, I expanded myself and my way of living.
My sign is Virgo I am very detailed, perfectionist, and focus person, and love to learn, I’m also a very fun true and clean person in terms of all aspects of life.

Teaching and coaching and undoubtedly something I love to do and I do it with all my heart and soul, and the more I give to the world the more I’m having back.

The values I hold dear in my life are teamwork, openness to new ideas and concepts, truth, love, honesty, simplicity, courage, creativity and integrity, I am not only a successful entrepreneur but above all else Someone who likes to help, who is human and who gives importance to life.

Do you want to be on this journey of life a reflection of success in all areas that make a balanced life? so come with me, I will show you the way.

To Your Success