Luci Perry

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We are all born with tremendous natural capacities but we lose touch with many of them as we spend more time in the world. Many people never connect with their true talents and don’t know what are they capable of achieving.

Why haven’t most people found their true talents?

About Me

Welcome! I am so grateful you stopped by.

My name is Luci, married, have 3 wonderful sons and 4 gorgeous grandchildren. I was born in Mexico, have lived in Australia, the US and now I live in England.

I created Happy Life Digital as I have been experiencing some big changes in my life. These changes have given me an incentive to start a process of inner and outer work to transform myself into the person I want to be.

While my website will originally focus on my story, I know there are many people who want to connect with their individual talents and passions so it is my desire to encourage myself and others to think differently about ourselves.

Our mindset and education play a great role in our lives and Happy Life Digital mission is to build sustainable relationships with those around the world, who want to connect online to empower, share ideas, collaborate and educate to rise to a new level. It will be a dialogue and exploration of thoughts in the hope to inspire and uplift your heart.

With much appreciation