Mateja Grabner

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I am Mateja Grabner. I live in Slovenia, a small country in Europe.

I am a stay at home mom.
I have a Family. Besides my husband are there also my three little treasures. I need a great deal of time to spend with them.

I am an economist with the degree in tourism. I have experiences in tourism, as I have worked in tourist agency as a Student for three years.
My regular employment was in a car industry where I was working in the office in wholesales. I have worked there for eleven years, till then when I was redundant.

I was never satisfied with my work in the company because I wanted more. I wanted more challenges, I wanted to be independent, to be my own boss. I wanted to have more time for my family, for my hobbies and interests.

So I have started to research. In April 2015, I have closed the door behind me in the company I have worked for. Then I have started to visit different seminars, educational programs, courses, etc.

In September 2015 I have decided, I have to do something from home and so I have started to research Internet business. I was searching something on the Internet for a long time, then I have found Jay and Stuart.

As I like to become financially independent, working from home, to have a lot of time for Family, I have started with Affiliate marketing. I believe this is the best way for me to achieve prosperity in my life because I enjoy this kind of work.