Megan Bester

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Welcome to my blog. Where I am going to show you, on a day by day basis, that it is possible to build a profitable online business. Starting from scratch. I have just joined an online training company called The Six Figure Mentors (and Digital Experts Academy). They offer intensive trainings, including live training webinars, that teach people step by step how to learn online marketing and build their own online business. With or without previous experience. They provide an opportunity to 'Earn While You Learn' by allowing students of the courses to earn an income as an affiliate marketer. So with no previous knowledge of online marketing, a whirlwind of a life behind me, and an extensive knowledge of the Law Of Attraction, I will take you on my journey. Honestly sharing with you both my successes and failures, my learning curve and how I co-operate with the Law Of Attraction to allow the outstanding results that I plan to have. For as long as I can remember I've wanted to help people. This is my chance to do that. I want to show you that you can create your dream lifestyle. I will create a new blog every day, and I will lead by example. In each new blog I will tell you what I have been working on, things I have learnt, and I will share with you the progress I have made. In this way I will show you that it is possible to build a profitable online business, regardless of experience, by studying with The Six Figure Mentors, selling their products as an affiliate and utilising the principals of law of attraction. If you would like to know more about the company I am talking about and meet my mentors Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, please click on one of the links that you will find on the blog. This will take you to some more information about the company and will also allow you to access a FREE 7 day video training course. If you want to learn more about the Law Of Attraction please read my blog posts as I will frequently be giving information about it. Please feel welcome to subscribe to my blog.