Mila Andretich

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Hey guy! My name is Mila Andretich, let me present myself. I'm 40 years old, happy mum of 2 sons, happy spouse and freelancer. I spent my first 35 years to reach and enjoy what life gift me, with sacrifice, but also without take care a lot of my future, honestly I try to enjoy day by day. I had nice family, lovely kids, good jobs.
But in a moment I realise that something was missed. What? For a long time I really didn't know! Perhaps more money, perhaps more friends, perhaps more social life,...nothing of these in particular, but in one word...HAPPINESS.
What was missing to reach real happiness...I searched the answer for long time...
...then it was revealed: feel myself helpful for others and unlimited successful for myself.
I lived all my life with limits, limits from society, limits from my family, limits from my subconscious...all limits that stopping my mind and my heart to dream again. Now I'm 41 and I'm in a journey that give me all single day happiness to wake up, smile, start my day with a goal to reach, end my day with the heart full of joy not for results but for steps I lived to reach results, that coming each day. I'm so THANKFUL that I decide to share my new life choose of Go Money Style. Tomorrow is another day...I'm so exiting to live it!
And you? Also you can feel so if you want to.