Mirelle Moscow

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I love fun! But most importantly I HAVE to know that I am making a difference to the life of others! And it doesn't help that I am madly passionate about empowering others to achieve.
Life has taken me on an interesting journey. A journey where I've had enough scope to do different kinds of things, such as working in Special Ed, managing a residential summer camp for children with special needs, setting up daily methods of operation for small businesses and opening my own beauty business. And yet, in each "enterprise" the thing that "did" it for me most was when I was able to be giving to others and empowering them to constantly move on and grow step by step until they too felt like each day was a day worth living!

I am now connecting with expert entrepreneurs at SFM and learning how I can continue making the difference to the lives of business owners! I've gone into a big furniture company and used tools and tips from top experts at SFM and managed to change their furniture business around so that they all come into work with the right attitude to succeed! and guess what? When you're in that frame of mind, you can't not succeed! I particularly love stepping in when things are a huge mess and methodically sort them out, one by one. And this was a classic case of a "huge mess" - that made it tea for two!

Didn't I mention "love living, whilst making a living?" This is exactly what I mean! I can not watch people struggle anymore day by day just to make a living! I feel that they have to find a niche in their workplace or business that will make them too feel like every day is a day worth living!