Nicky Hughes

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Hi, I am Nicky, founder of EkoingFreeMind.
I decided to set this page up following years of observing people with cascades of emotional and stress related problems. I am passionate about inspiring self empowering thinking & better feeling thoughts. I have spent many years working as a medical doctor, having also trained in stress management, psychothearpy to foundation level & hypnotherapy. I want to share the better understanding that I have gathered from a myriad of sources over the years, so we can lead lives more aligned with what we want, than a reactive life that seems out of our control. Thanks to all my teachers - Georges Philips Hypnotherapy, Dr Deepak Chopra, Dr Bernie Siegal, Lynne McTaggert, Abraham Hicks,Dr Wayne Dyer, Physis Psychotherapy, Uni of Wales College of Medicine. I am happy to be affiliate for SFM as they have helped me to set up my online business.