Nikki Smith

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Hi all, I'm Nikki Smith,

A strong independent woman, a little beyond middle age..... who has proudly achieved many small goals I have set myself over the years through hard work and sacrifices I have made and challenges I have overcome along the way.

At the age of 14 - I started work in my local pet shop where I learned about pet health and wellbeing, customer service. I also became a fully trained dog groomer. I worked every weekend and every day through the school holidays 8:00 - 18:00 for just £3.00 a day.

At the age of 16 - I became the manager for my boss's boarding kennels. I had my first mortgage on a 1 bed terraced house at the age of 18, by the age of 20 I had began my journey into self-employment where I went on to have my own dog grooming business, cleaning business and laundry. All of which were very labor and time intensive.

Often working 70 plus hours a week, I had limited time with my family and eventually due to the work commitments had little or no time for holiday's either.

After 28 years I decided it was time to change direction and in 2013 began working for a Corporate Company. I was enjoying the luxury of working in an office Monday - Friday leaving me valuable free time at the weekends and evenings that I could enjoy, not to mention the 4 weeks paid holiday I was able to take. Thanks to this I have since travelled to many countries to enjoy my holidays, such as Croatia, Italy, Spain, Greece and Bali.

Not only have I had more time to enjoy with my family, (although grown up now) It has also enabled me to try new things such as rock climbing and kayaking.
Lockdowns and Furlough have made me realize just how important the outdoors is to me and how much I enjoy being able to leave my house to go for a walk and hear the birds. Having to stop working has enabled me the time to appreciate nature and want to be outdoors more.
I have also had time to explore other opportunities to learn new skills for my future. This is where I discovered Affiliate Marketing and the SFM team who provide excellent training, coaching as well as a great community of support and this is where my new journey has started, once again starting my own business within the online world of Digital Marketing. This time I know that my business will be working for me 24/7. I can put in the time when and where I choose and because my business is online it will continue working for me when I am not there, even when I am sleeping.

Having bought a caravan in July last year, (whom we have named Doris), I am looking forward to enjoying more adventures away and enjoying more of the out doors.