Norman Cristina

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Hi, this is Norman from Malta, the "tiny" island with the BIG Heart < 3. I'm passionate about arts and culture: i’m into music and the use of words. I adore reading. Since a young age, I loved writing and used to get lost in the world of words. My output reflects my affection for fantasy and fiction, is visual and I tend to be quite descriptive. Recently I intensified my love for poetry, specifically haikus, which I tend to churn out relatively easily. Besides creative writing workshops I attend the Malta Poets Society, an open mic event organised by a cousin of the world-famous band, The Beatles. I am attracted to wit, striking combinations of words and phrases, and by ways-of-expressing-ideas with a particular fascination for phrased used in the realm of personal development, self-improvement, motivation, human empowerment. I'm grateful for my involvement in MLM (aka Network Marketing) which uploaded me into this universe of possibility, and which I wish to pass on to my readers through my output.