Oliver Ohene-Dokyi

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I was born in Kumasi Ghana in 1975 and grew up starting in the second half of this year in hamburg germany. I signed my 3 Songs CD-Single with Sony Music in 1993 "Meine Kleine Fee". That was no success. My producer at that time (Dieter Faber and I decided to come up with Demos in english that I preferred to use as my Lyrics-writing language, but after we've cancelled the contract with Sony (they only wanted to keep a business relation with us if we continue to use German Lyrics, I got the opportunity to sign an exclusice artist deal with Warner-Chappell a daughter company to Warner-Music in 1996. Well - I got depressed after a misslead and crashed 4 year marriage and no big activities within my deal to warner-chappell, being unable to write or perform music for 4 years (moving back to my parents house...). After some good of therapy I was able to get back on my own feet and flat! YEAH!! Didn't believe this to ever happen - but knew this time of suffering must be good for me for a reason. Anyway after about 3 month living my own flat words suddenly came to me (A song called "Our Soul" - on the album : No Revenge) I even asked god, my inner voice, the universal forces or what you wanna call an energy delivering voice, if I really should write all this down this time and received goes, leading to 16 Song Lyrics) I read some of the lyrics to my closest family even if I still didn't feel like talking, walking at all, but they liked them a lot and where very happy to have a chat with me in the first place;) Anyway - I knew I couldn't turn these into a book even if my aunty liiving in London recommended me to do so, but I only knew if it would be the last thing for me to do on earth, I will need to write songs around these words and play them whatever places, my legs would carry me to. So I picked my old good e-guitar and began to compose 16 tracks. I also knew I needed an semi-acoustic guitar (or just one of this kind) to perform the songs on streets and venues. I was able to get one and keep performing these and many others songs since then. If you want to listen to this first Singer-Songwriter Album "No Revenge" from the year 2004 and the follow up Singer Songwriter Album: "Who Are You" from 2005 websearch them with something like OOD Album, O.O.D. - No Revenge or OOD Music No Revenge - Who Are . Both were released the first time (no label) with the wonderful and powerful support of Drelo the Funkstabber who recorded me in 2004 and 2005 "No Revenge". I started my online business and affiliate marketing journey in 2006 to have a secondary income to my income earned from gigs. I love the idea of (global) fairly produced and traded products and look forward that the higher level of green living and corporate social responsibility education is leading us into a more fair and PEACEFUL world.