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John and I are super excited to be part such a perfect platform to express ourselves and add value to the lives of others.

We both have a tremendous amount of experience and success both in terms of our professional lives and our personal lives.

My own professional background is in the world of Sales, Marketing, Communication and Relationship Management for smaller local businesses and large New Zealand based corporations.

John also has an extensive professional background and talent in the worlds of IT, writing and Industrial Food Technology and manufacturing - also having had experience in more local businesses as well as New Zealand based international corporations.

We are immensely passionate about business and supporting business owners to get to where they want to go in terms of both their marketing and internal systems. In addition we have both worked in the area professional learning as trainers and educators.

John and I both share an amazing personal life together. We met as teenagers at the ripe old ages of 17 and 19 and will be celebrating our 18th Wedding Anniversary this year. We have two incredible sons. Seth who will be turning 16 this year and Liam who will be turning 10.

We live in the beautiful countryside of rural Waikato, New Zealand - a whole 15 minutes drive from the town of Te Aroha where we both went to high school and met.

We are passionate about anything and everything that either lights a fire in our belly's or draws us directly into the present moment. We love Travel, Music, Great Food, Books, Movies, Being in Nature, Mediation and Personal Development.

We love our family and spending time together enjoying the Little day to day moments whilst planning for the Big experiences to come.