Ray Montolio

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I love to explore new things. I love music. I am always looking for the good in people and believe that ever one deserves a second chance in life if they are sincere. Call me an optimist just don't call me late for dinner. I try to better myself if only a little bit at a time. I strive for progress, not perfection. I value family and cherish all the things God has provided for me. The Earth, The Waters, The Sky and all the creatures large and small that inhabit this planet. When things are not working out for me, I trust that something better is in the works. I try to let go when I am gripping too tight. Life on Life's terms is acceptance. I work on accepting things that I am powerless over. That encompasses people, places, and things. When I'm not singing in my Latin Jazz Band, i'm practicing to better myself on guitar. When I'm not writing my children's book, I'm blogging about whatever subject comes to mind. When I'm not helping my family with any home life situation that needs a solution, I'm helping my friends with day to day circumstances. And when my negative attributes rear their ugly faces I pray and meditate to have them removed. Do I have a negative self? Absolutely! But admitting that I am not perfect is the first step in working to overcome my negative character defects. That much I am aware of, and for that I am grateful.