Ray Montolio

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I am a professional Musician and Digital Marketer based in New york City. I I am an animal lover and care a lot about the welfare of all animals. I have a special affinity for Dogs and Cats. I supervise my sisters Petcare Business. (Dorothy's petcare) located in manhattan. I am also involved in helping folks recover from alcoholism and drug abuse. Having had my own bout with alcoholism in my youth, and having lost my father to alcoholism at a young age,has given me first hand insight into the gravity of this awful disease. I am a cancer surviver. I was diagnosed with Non-hodgkin lymphoma at the age of 28. I have been free of cancer ever since. I believe in leaving a positive footprint on this planet when i am gone. Digital marketing is a love of mine.
If i can help others find their dream in this field then i would have contributed and given back some of the things my Mentors and teachers have
given me. And for that i am responsible.