Raymond Hoogesteger

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The first 20 years I lived were very much protected by my parents. I wasn't taking any big risks, but I wasn't really growing as well. I didn't even want to get out of the comfort zone. However, when I was 20, I lost my father. He died due to heart failure and I've seen him pass away. That has been hard for me because I was not able to say goodbye to him. I became obsessed with death, I wanted to find out if there's life after dying. So I started to read some books in the spiritual genre, not soon after that I got into books about psychology and philosophy. I started to improve my way of thinking, but I wasn't really getting into action.
About 8 years later, my grandfather passed away. However, there's a big difference between his passing and my fathers. He was diagnosed with cancer and he was told he would live approximately 9 months. Luckily I had a good conversation with him about life and the thing he told me that changed everything for me was: "I've had a great life, I'm satisfied." I discovered that I was not living my life, I even discovered I was more living like a zombie, not alive but not dead. So from this point, I knew I had to do something in my life and that's where the action started.
However, fear was still holding me back for coming to action. And I really needed action to get things going. There are battles I've lost and there are battles I've won. The thing is, I want to win the war so to speak, so I better step up. And this is part of my journey.