Samson Lybbert

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Hi there! I grew up in central Washington state in a little town called Moses Lake. Graduated high school with absolutely no idea how to earn a living by creating what my sole spills out whenever i hold a guitar, Music. Fell upon some laborious work which actually gave me courage to move to Seattle! So I Did.
Started a band playing funk fused Rock doing many live jam sessions at a local bar by the name of Sea Monster.
Fast forward a couple years and i decide to start a family and put music on hold.
Its extremely important to me to not only take on this responsibility as a father, and provide for a family but to be there every day of their lives. Our son Jazpyr is now 2.5 years old and I have been home after work everyday of his life. And we are expecting another come February 2018!
Thats my life as it stands. Loving time with Family more than anything.