Tara Yewdall

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Hi! My husband & I and our 4 children live in the beautiful area of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia.
I have enjoyed writing and sharing knowledge, recipes and ideas for a few years now and like to cover topics I'm interested in and/or passionate about such as: whole foods, vegan recipes, cultured vegetables and sprouting, natural ways of being/living, natural parenting and using essential oils and herbs.
Taking steps towards becoming more personally responsible for myself/life and learning about the amazing God with out religion is an exciting and sometimes challenging journey.
I'm now, finally, embracing the journey of creating my own wealth and coming out of our 'lack' state of many years. I am embracing entreprenuership and finally taking the action needed to live my life with adventure, passion and contribution to the world in a big way!
Thanks so much for reading my articles. Please be sure to comment, share and engage with me - it's how we all learn in this marvelous world!
With gratitude