Weston Parker

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I am 57, been married 30 years this past July to a wonderful lady, mother of my two sons. Brad is 25, was just honorably discharged from the Army after four years, served in Korea and Afghanistan for a year and is about to start the college on the GI bill at Columbia University. Our son Will is 23 and into year one of his four years with the Air Force, where he is training for Cyber Security. He and his brother both pulled out of college after two years because of the frightening debt. Even though we, the parents put in well over 80k into their education, it didn't make much of a dent and so I applaud their decisions.
My wife Laurie and I moved a year ago to Colorado from Maryland where we lived in Frederick for 26 years and raised our sons. We have all our friends and family back east but I wanted to live here in this cabin I built over the past eight years. We live off the grid on ten acres of land that backs up to one million acres of Roosevelt National Forest and Rocky Mountain Park, something I actually dreamed about as a boy. How a school teacher and a carpenter managed to buy and build 1700 miles away from where we lived is a long and remarkable story. Laurie retired after 32 in teaching and I offered her an opportunity to stop working if she would move west with me and live in the cabin off the grid at 7,200' at the end of 1/4 mile driveway in the mountains. She said "sure, as long as we have good internet service and I can go back east as often as I want for as long as I want" and that's how a good marriage works.
I work as a handyman Monday to Wednesday for a local resort in Estes Park, Colorado, just about my dream job. Decent pay, good people to work with, fairly easy but interesting work, good hours. On Thursday and Friday I work with a contractor doing construction work, building houses, decks, additions, renovations, that kind of thing. Now that I am committing to SFM, I am ending the Thursday-Friday gig and focusing on building this online business for at least 25 hours per week.
When we moved here a year ago in July, we had no running water. From a ladder I would to pour a bucket over my wife's head for her shower and we had an outhouse. She said to me quite clearly, "let's get this running water taken care of before it gets cold or I will be spending a lot of time back east." Now we have our entire roofline draining into our cistern and indoor plumbing. What a gal she is! She was a master teacher, absolutely beloved by her students for all those 32 years, mostly 3rd through 6th grade. Anyone who has ever spent time as a teacher knows how truly rare her type is. She taught them how to love learning, she helped them build their self esteem by achieving remarkable things in her classroom. As a result they became confident young people willing to take risks. That is all you can ask of an educator. I did it for 15 years and didn't come within sniffing distance of that kind of skill and mastery. What can I say, in tennis as in life, the first rule is to find a very good partner.