Michal Kloczkowski

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Every year I visit far away countries with completely different culture to where I am from. Health is my number one priority. I enjoy preparing my healthy meals. Needless to say exercising is a must if I want to be fit. Once a week I go yoga classes to stretch sore muscles.

On day I realised if I work as employee building someone else’s dream it will never make me feel fulfilled and satisfied . I decided to work for myself and build my own business in smart way. I am determined, passionate and visionary person. I had this vision in my mind of creating more free time for myself, work less hours and earn more money to. What I needed was right mentors who will teach me how to actually do it. I was fortunate enough to meet them. Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek are the founders of SFM. Six Figure Mentors is online platform. They provide training to help build or grow your business that can be run from anywhere in the world.