alan stewart

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Hi i'm Al i'm in Kent in England i love attending live music/theatre/comedy events It's always amazed me how people can get up there in front of thousands and do their stuff. I love getting up the woods with my husky Sunny its great for clearing the mind and breathing in a bit of nature.Cooking is a growing passion of mine i'm no Gordon Ramsey yet but i'm getting there, i do a wicked chicken & ham pie with filo pastry no less.Worked most of my life in the building industry mostly just to pay the bills if i'm honest until i discovered there really is another way and now i'm actually enjoying building the life i just didn't see before.The wife and i are even learning to jive and my guitar & harmonica playing are coming on leaps and bounds.Every day now i look forward to getting up look forward to working on growing my business look forward to freeing up time to do the things i want with the people i want to be with. it really is a dream come true.