Anna and Dean Hannan

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Hi there:) My name is Anna,originally i am from Poland. I came to UK in 2003, in search for a better life.It wasn't easy to start with.I came across lots of difficulties,but i am grateful for that ,as those experiences made me much stronger person.One of my favourite saying is "What doesn't kill you,will only make you stronger".

Just to give You an idea of myself i must share with You my personal interests. Those are: wellbeing ,skydiving,holistic way of life, spirituality, travelling, cooking, fitness,walking in nature, and recently affiliate marketing/online business.
I like to get out of my comfort zone,as that's where the growth is.

Currently i live in Northamptonshire,with my 10 years old son. He is a superb boy,that has a big interest in cars,and he loves riding bicycles.

I was working in a care sector for almost 6 years,and i loved looking after people. It was very rewarding job. Despite that i have decided to quit and leave the care sector behind me.The reason was i wanted to spend more time with my son. I had enough of working long hours and working on every weekend.My life was hectic.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with my partner as Personal Assistant, which i still enjoy.

Recently i have joined an Educational Program with great open minded mentors and superb community,and thanks to that experience i am getting out of my comfort zone ,and i will be blogging on

I am working towards my goals, as LIFE IS FOR LIVING :)

Hi, I am Dean living in the uk for the last 30 years i have been in the construction industry as a qualified carpenter and been running a business for 15 years as a specialist Building Contractor... I love to have new experiences and enjoy improving peoples lives in all aspects in health and wellbeing is key to having a fulfilled life experience.

I love traveling meeting new people having new experiences, I Traveled to India and attended a meditation retreat then through India for 6 months,Fasting in the Sinia Desert and visited various places around the world, my favourite hobby is skydiving also in to detoxification, healthy food, fitness, yoga,meditation and now learning computer skills.

On a Personal level i am kind compassionate with a generous nature and responsible for two beautiful daughters.