What Helped Me With My Mindset.

by Adonis Richards Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Home Improvement, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
For a great part I lived my life not focusing on who I am. My focus was on how others saw me. Meaning, I had no voice of my own. This led to some embarrassing moments as well as pleasant surprises. During this time I randomly went about accepting whatever I came across in life. I was never thought to question anything, which made me quite naive and seeing good in everyone and everything. I was told many times that I ...
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Learning to walk again.

by Adonis Richards Internet and Businesses Online, Health and Fitness, Investing, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
I am on a path that is unfolding while I walk. A path I have invested in and I get to create. It is the future and the now. Life calmly beckoning, reassuring with confidence. Awakened, seeing through eyes I always had. New directions to my disposal. I am learning to walk again. Adonis Richards
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Like good wine...

by Adonis Richards Arts and Entertainment
Sometimes while dreaming we encounter moments that give insight to our daily lives. Like the ocean connects all it encompasses, space is what holds us together in relation to the Universe. We get to choose along the way and if you pay attention, progress is seen in the fruits that we bear. There is continuity in rediscovering who we are, how could it be any other way? Like good wine, we get better as we grow older.   Adonis Richards 
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Life is a gift

by Adonis Richards Arts and Entertainment, Self Improvement, Writing and Speaking
Every day I awake after sleeping for an amount of hours. Sometimes on a stretch and other times my sleep was interrupted, just to dose back off again. Just like many other things in life, no one taught us how to sleep. It's just something we do naturally like breathing and crying. Sometimes sadness makes us cry, but so can joyfulness. In my early teens I used to have these visions of me playing music in a band on stage. My friends ...
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