index creation

by Susan Lewis Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Writing and Speaking
Why index creation matters Indexing: a challenge in the making for any 'keep it neat freak'  to  'any tidy person' who has learned the hard way how time consuming filing things in alternate ways has been.  Most direct index creation outcomes range from being a) as neat as a pin [ please do not breath as the vibrations may disturb the filingsleep pattern] to z) its somewhere in the index creation yet to be located phase [ someone breath cause I am not yet able ...
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So much for a good turn

by Susan Lewis Arts and Entertainment
// // A little light entertainment. So much for a good turn // //
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There Is Power In Them There Words

by Susan Lewis Computers and Technology, Internet and Businesses Online, Writing and Speaking
Acknowledge There Is Power In Them There Words Someone once stated that there is "power in them there words". Especially as emails, thoughts, and ideas are all words. There is "power in them there words" was simply a throwaway statement that right then was overlooked - but hauntingly remembered as writing and speaking is all about creating pictures with words. Why words are so powerful is in the use of the words themselves. People tend to believe what other people tell them it's as ...
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Yes! Done What I've Set Out To Do Brisbane

by Susan Lewis Relationships, Travel and Leisure, Self Improvement
Going to Momentum day... No need to ask this year.  Where as, in the Inaugural Australian Momentum Day there was this question. Prompting quietly with an open, friendly hands, the choice was a suggestion to be there. First thing packed was the camera.  I could walk around and take photos of a place much changed now.  Wow, what an experience. Although the feeling of being one person in a strange place was present a step towards achieving managed behaviour had been to duck tape ...
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Animals Separation Anxiety: Floyd the dogs story

by Susan Lewis Relationships, Home and Family, Pets
Animals separation anxiety may show through the same ways as humans.  Showing up as fretting, getting into trouble, becoming hostile, untrusting to people and or their environment.  Yes!  Floyd is a dog.  But in cat's there is a condition called Pica.  As an extreme condition, Pica is related to the humans Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Definitely shows up in extreme anxiety moods and behaviours.  Floyd though shows separation anxiety. Like people expect dogs and cats, and children, to be happy all the time or rest of the group in ...
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Different! Don't Fit In

by Susan Lewis Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
A Repeat Of: "Different! Don't Fit In" Has Arrived  Storming through the door muttering "... different! Don' fit in.... Again !" The tornado in the shape of a child has gone through.  After that brief, a momentary pause, you just know what is coming next. The challenge of being part of the 'human herd' is fitting in. Generally, people mirror patterns of behaviours subconsciously imitating gestures, clothing, anxiety ticks and political balances in the belief system that enable then to socially fit into the herd.  There goes ...
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