How To End Your Procrastination Forever

by Dan LoGiudice Home Based Business, Self Improvement, Home and Family
The Disease Of Procrastination There is a disease, that is sweeping the nation. There is a disease that is killing more dreams than all diseases combined. That disease is procrastination! You see, in our ego mind we like to talk about "someday." Someday I'll get out on the road and experience life. Someday I'll take a road trip with my family, someday I'll get that job, I'll get that money, or start that business. Someday things will change and I'll have ...
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The Society Trap-How To Truly Be Free

by Dan LoGiudice Self Improvement, Home and Family
Chasing Fireflies I was outside this evening with my 6-year-old son when he spotted a firefly. He started following it with his eyes at first and then started chasing it around the whole backyard until he finally caught it. This got me thinking about when I was young, and just a child. I lived next to a park, and in the summer evenings you could look over and see hundreds of them buzzing around. I always thought it was such a ...
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The Truth About Success

by Dan LoGiudice Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
I've read many books on success by very succesful people, I,ve attended many seminars on success by people like Tony Robbins, and heard countless success stories and they all have in essence the same message for achieving success. There is an easy to define reason why some people will achieve their goals and some will not. It basically all boils down to your mindsets and beliefs, your habits, and accepting certain truths. I will be diving deeper into the mindsets ...
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