What A Difference A Decade Makes

by Judy Wong Recreation and Sports, Self Improvement, Home and Family
"What a difference a day makes....Twenty-four little hours..."  As much as I like the song by Dinah Washington, I recently reviewed some old photos for Facebook's 10 year challenged and realized that a decade can bring about so many changes in life.  I remember being a kid and thinking how uncool my mother was.  Now, I wake up everyday wondering if my child thinks the same of me. Oh what a difference a decade makes! 10 years ago, I was in ...
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I Don't Wanna Be A Helicopter Mom!

by Judy Wong Self Improvement, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
Let's face it, all moms get scruitinized...it's like part of the fine print that we agreed to with the Universe/God when we got pregnant. The thing is, sometimes I feel like it was a clause written into a contract with invisible ink.  The no holidays, no minimum wage, no medical benefits, no sleep type of work that we sign up for because we simply want to love and give to another human being.  Getting criticized by both sets of grandparents is ...
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