by Kevin Smith Health and Fitness, Recreation and Sports, Self Improvement
Finally Kicking Goals After 14 Days I am happy to say I have bean winning! and by winning I mean I have been sticking to my goal and losing weight. Yes thats right, I have managed to lose 2.0 kg in 14 day's. I know that doesn't sound like a huge amount, but I started to ease myself into this programme about 6 weeks ago and I believe the first 5kg of weight loss is fluid. So just by trying to ...
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Who's That Man In The Mirror

by Kevin Smith Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Food and Drink
I woke one morning got out of bed, walked past the mirror and asked myself Who's that Man In The Mirror, what I saw everytime I looked in the mirror discusted me. I started noticing I was not in a lot of photos of family events. There was lots of other family members in photos with each other but not to many with me. "Why"? because I would avoid having my photo taken, I personaly thought I was spoiling the ...
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DIY Preventative Maintenance 2

by Kevin Smith Real Estate, Home Improvement, Self Improvement
G,day everyone,              Hopefully after last week's blog you have had time to look at your rooves and started your D.I.Y Preventative Maintenance Stratergy. With winter moving in very quickly it is now a really good time to have a good look at your window frames aswell.      In these pictures the paint has broken down and the timber has been absorbing the moisture. In this case both windows had to be replaced because they had been left ...
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D.I.Y Preventative Maintenence

by Kevin Smith Home Improvement, Home and Family, Reference and Education
ROOFING AND GUTTER MAINTENANCE G’day everyone, summer is now at an end and while the weather is still good. It would be the perfect time to start your pre-winter D.I.Y Preventative Maintenance Schedule. As a builder, I get to see what happens when maintenance is left too long and how quickly it can blow your budget and turn into a high cost repair!               (In the pictures above) Water leaking from the gutters has caused the timber below to rot! ...
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Look Up

by Kevin Smith Internet and Businesses Online, Travel and Leisure, Recreation and Sports
     Evening Sunset at Aldinga Beach South Australia Don't forget to stop, take time to look around you. I am constantly mesmerised with the display that nature puts on for us. We need to remind ourselves to slow down and just take it all in. try to take some time everyday just to enjoy what we have. LOOK UP, look at the clouds, they offer so much, in all thier different shapes sizes and colours! I still look at them and ...
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Fraser Island Here We Come

by Kevin Smith Travel and Leisure, Recreation and Sports, Home and Family
Fraser Island Here We Come  In July 2014 my Brother and myself took a much deserved break and desided to drive to Fraser Island, It was 2,265 km Trip there. We mannaged to incorperate the trip with my nieces engaement in Queensland and we took both her and her fioncee with us to Fraser. The drive was fantastic we just set up the swags pulled out the awnings cooked out the back of the car, it was fantastic to say the least. When ...
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The Persian Alley Cat Prince

by Kevin Smith Relationships, Home and Family, Pets
I would like to introduce you to Jasper the Persian Alley Cat Prince Jasper was left in charge of my wife and myself by our Darling daughter ! when I say left in charge I mean left in charge. Over the years we have had quite a few cat's but not one as, how could I say  The Prince, this little fellow has us all in our right place ! when Jackie get's ready for bed Jasper will come and stand in ...
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Music Triggered Memories

by Kevin Smith Relationships, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
While I was driving this morning, an old song came on the radio. it was Bitter Sweet Symphany by The Verve. Memories were triggered of when my two beautiful girls were little, oh how they used to love it when on a Friday night we would put the music on and turn up the stereo and all go crazy. I love my girls as much now as I did then, but I just wished I could go back some times ...
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