Train to sing, its my therapy

by Lales Celiker Arts and Entertainment, Health and Fitness, Food and Drink, Writing and Speaking
Goodafternoon. l am listening to lovely music and l am so happy to be part of this show to share how we can accompish what they say its impossible l am looking at a pickture and l see beutiful childs face and l belive l am not the only one who miss them, l belive that you are a very engaged mom who cares, maybe there was a good reason for you to leave everything and take the risk, correct me if ...
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Receive Back Your Childs Freedom

by Lales Celiker News and Society, Book Reviews, Kids and Teens
You Are The Ambassador! Are you shore what you saying? Train to win your kids attention and spend more time to have fun and tackle the inner time loosing energy. How can l do that? Maybe our moms and dads did not teach ous how to train the child language, its a good training when you speak to fast or your move to fast, train the slow motion and that is why l have passion to guide thrue. Martin Meo teachers will give you ...
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Relationship Creates Art

by Lales Celiker Relationships, News and Society, Home and Family
                         We will dry out as humans when we feel we have everything but we have no social connection with the person we are communicating with then it means we are not serious. l would love to communicate and share this word Relationship and what it means. We often say what we love and me as a mother l missed out alot of things l love and it does not matter when over 4000 days passed away, its stil possible to create ...
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