MY JOURNEY - 3 Pressing on the Accelerator to SUCCESS

by Roana Harris Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
“Lifting Myself and Others to Achieve Greatness” PRESSING ON THE ACCELERATOR TO SUCCESSwhere today I am examining my thinking behind every achievement, whether big or small. Examining the processes that led me to these achievements to where I am today. Then each day I plan to develop patterns of behaviour that will lead me to my Greatness. First I need to examine where I have been. My negative mindsets, things I have thought, said and done. The people I have associated with, my ...
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by Roana Harris Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Health and Fitness, Kids and Teens
“Lifting Myself and Others to Achieve Greatness” MEDITATION If your a mum with young kids and teens, as I was running around completing innumerable tasks; going to work; running a business, you'll do well to read on... This morning I woke to the thought of Meditation and the action of actually paying attention. Then I thought about Words and the Words which have life, Words that have the power to change lives. To use positive words or phrases, believing and confessing them. Reading is very ...
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My Journey - Six Figure Digital Online Entrepreneur!

by Roana Harris Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Finance, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
Welcome One and All! My journey began on the morning of 9th July 2017, where I came upon a video on Youtube, titled "Born Rich". I'll post a link to this later. How does this title resonate with you?Compare yourself to a mustard seed, it is one of the smallest of all seeds, yet it contains the very essential elements to become a great towering tree, bearing innumerable amounts of fruit/seeds, which in itself bears others. The point I want to make here ...
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