The Founder Movie

by Ryan Tate Shopping and Product Reviews, Writing and Speaking
The Founder Movie Showing you how Macca's was founded, this movie was thoroughly enjoyable from my point of view. One of the two brothers who actually founded the first McDonald's restaurant states in the film "There is a wolf in the hen house...& we let him in" That wolf goes on to claim he was The Founder & takes all the glory for the formula the two brothers worked so hard to perfect. In the defence of the wolf, Ray Kroc (played ...
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NYC Taxi Medallions Worth Their Weight In Gold

by Ryan Tate Computers and Technology, Internet and Businesses Online
NYC Taxi Medallions Worth Their Weight In Gold ...well they used to be worth their weight in gold, up until a few years ago. A medallion is required to operate a New York City yellow taxi cab, the only type of vehicle allowed to accept passengers who hail cabs on the street. Until the streets were flooded with independent operators like Uber & others, those medallions could sell for over one million dollars! Cabs have been reported to be around on ...
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What I Learnt About Raising Children From An Ex U.S. Navy Seal

by Ryan Tate Health and Fitness, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
What I learnt about raising children from an ex U.S. Navy Seal What I learnt about raising children from an ex U.S. Navy Seal. Is there a difference to bringing up boys and girls? Today they have to compete on the same field. Learn to make money, defend themselves or even change a tyre. We are now living in the most complex, dynamic and competitive environment we have ever seen. No longer do we go to work in a factory, come home ...
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My Cray Days

by Ryan Tate Travel and Leisure, Home and Family
My Cray Days During my teenage years I was lucky enough to often travel a few hours North of where we live to stay in a friends shack. Every school holidays we used to fill up their big F250 truck with clothes and supplies and venture up for two weeks of fishing, off road motorbike riding, shooting guns at targets and eatting big cooked breakfasts every morning...and odd can of beer too! As you could imagine we would excitedly look forward to ...
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Teens Hunger For Digital Media

by Ryan Tate Computers and Technology, Relationships, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
Teens Hunger For Digital Media I am going to take a brief plunge into Teens Hunger For Digital Media consumption today. What spurred me to do so was a visit to a friend's house for dinner recently. It was after dinner we were all sitting around downstairs and I could hear a noise coming from upstairs. Which I described at the time as perhaps a video game or more particularly it sounded to me like a dinosaur game. My query to ...
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Goals & Visualisation

by Ryan Tate Relationships, Travel and Leisure, Self Improvement, Home and Family
Goals & Visualisation I am going to cover my ideal day & my Goals & Visualisation as I was instructed to do so by my Six Figure Mentors. I awake naturally well rested at 6ish. we're staying in a luxurious coastal private villa in Indonesia, surrounded by thick tropical gardens. My wife Anna, & our two daughters Mikayla and Keisha are still asleep. I venture to the roof which is well elevated above the breaking surf below. I spend 45 minutes ...
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by Ryan Tate Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online
MARKETING TERMS FOR NEWBIES I have been marketing online for some time & looking back it has been a very steep learning curve. In this article I will shed some light on Marketing Terms For Newbies. The great thing in the "laptop lifestyle" community is peoples willingness to help others. We were all "Newbies" at some stage. No-one just hopped online and had an instant following, were able to give massive value and in turn make bucket loads of cash money...despite ...
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