These 2 Things Will Have an Affect Your Children

by Tara Yewdall Self Improvement, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
Are we programming our children to believe in lack or abundance? As children, I believe we have an innate feeling of abundance and automatically feel like anything and everything is possible.  We assume we can have anything in the world!   Until that's squashed, removed, taken out of us. Exuberance deleted. When we see something we want or love, we automatically want it, right? (I know I do!) As children it must feel so innocent - like, well this is what I love and ...
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Are You Subscribing to the Solution or The Problem?

by Tara Yewdall Finance, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them" Albert Einstein  "Subscribe to the solution, not the problem" is one thing I hear often from one of my mentors, Justin Wolfe. And it's now becoming my mantra. I had been subscribing to the problems for a long time.  Sometimes I still begin to. However, now, I am determined to upgrade my life. I'm looking at solutions instead of the problems more and more. Are you a subscriber to the ...
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What Will You Change Before 2017 Ends?

by Tara Yewdall Home Based Business, Self Improvement, Home and Family
Have you come through this year, sailing along, doing the same things as per usual?  Thinking back to January this year, have you changed anything, stepped up in any way or had some great realisations?  I know one thing I want to do before this year is up...... 2017 has been a year of desiring change for me and my family.  A desire to upgrade our lifestyle and income.  Changing my undies from K-Mart brand to Elle McPherson's range (so to ...
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What is An Affiliate Programme?

by Tara Yewdall Business, Internet and Businesses Online
Have you heard about affiliate programmes? Do you feel skeptical, unsure or just don't know about it? That was me about 4 months ago.  I'd heard of affiliate marketing (programmes) but didn't really know much about it except there was a win/win exchange of promoting someone else's product/service in return for commissions. So, what is it about? Well, putting it into my words, it's promoting (via advertising and/or writing articles about) other people's products and/or services and when your reader or customer purchases that ...
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What do Satisfaction, Gratitude & Joy Have in Common?

by Tara Yewdall Home Improvement, Self Improvement, Home and Family
In the heart instead of the head It's one thing to say we feel satisfied, grateful and/or joyful however to really, truly feel it is another thing altogether. Today I had those feelings. Right in my heart.  And it does feel so good! I've also had the words many times without the feeling. I've often noticed it and wondered why that is. Saying "Thanks" doesn't always mean you feel it We can become pretty automatic with our "thanks" to people. Have you noticed how often ...
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One Thing That Will Expose Your Belief About Challenges

by Tara Yewdall Internet and Businesses Online, Recreation and Sports, Self Improvement
Rock-climbing is an activity where I am in awe of the people who are able to have such courage but never really considered that I myself would participate. I knew it would take courage but I never realised that it actually exposes beliefs about ourselves with challenges.  Well, a couple of days ago we were invited to go with my cousin and her partner, both experienced rock climbers.   The choice to DO IT In truth, I didn't really have the intention to ...
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Doing What You Love

by Tara Yewdall Travel and Leisure, Recreation and Sports, Self Improvement, Home and Family
Are you enjoying your life? Do you have hobbies and interests, that when you take time to engage in them your heart sings with excitement? Are you doing what you love? Or, are you so caught up with making an income, possibly working 40- 60 + hours a week, that your spare time is spent zoning out in front of the television or reading a few lines of a book and falling asleep? "Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do ...
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Have You Done a Lot Yet Achieved Very Little?

by Tara Yewdall Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Home and Family
Has time flown by for you, where one day you stop and reflect upon the last 10, 15, 20 years and see where you are currently at and realise you've done a lot yet achieved very little? I've had an awakening in the past few months.  You see, I've been at home raising children for 17 years and it's only recently I realised I've not really earned an income - my own income - all this time! When I put it ...
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Decision Making?

by Tara Yewdall Self Improvement
It never ceases to amaze me, how, when I start asking questions to myself (and God) about a topic in order to learn more about myself, self-reflect and feel the emotions I have around a particular issue, it becomes the theme for the days to follow. Have you experienced this? This week it's been about Decision Making.  We all make decisions, every moment of every day. Most decisions are simple on a day to day basis, albeit automatic and unconscious.  Some decisions ...
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