Fuss about LOVE

by Aleksandra Middleton Relationships, Self Improvement, Kids and Teens
Hello Dear Woman ! LOVE  - what does it mean to you ? Is it a warm feeling about your beloved ones, your children, husband, partner, world…..? It a Valentine’s Day – cheesy day, but … still a good reminder and a good opportunity to sit down and think what does LOVE exactly mean to me.  Do I love myself ? Do I look with love in my eyes at myself and others? Do I feel love in my heart? Are there different ...
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Get your Life Woman

by Aleksandra Middleton Relationships, Self Improvement, Home and Family
I am Aleks. A Woman. Next Sunday I will turn 40 years old. Mother of two lovely girls age 9 and 6, wife, daughter, friend…. Who else am I  ? Yes, exactly -  who else am I ?… This blog is a journey of a Woman who caught herself at some point in her life asking this question. She made aware decision it was time to look for some answers. Being a mother and being full time working professional is challenging ...
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