How to get multiple income streams

by Anette Samuelsson Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Investing
How can you get multiple income streams?  When you start an online business, you may want to get multiple income streams. Maybe you want to spread your risk-taking, or maybe you want to have faster money, while you are working on the larger money. You don´t know which business is the best, or the best for you. It can be a lot of different reasons why you want to have multiple income streams.  Earn money online, whats Your Passion?  To earn money online ...
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Scam, fear, doubts?

by Anette Samuelsson Home Based Business, Investing, Self Improvement
Is it a scam?  When you see a possibility, an offer of something, an offer to get money for example. How do you react? Do you think "Is it a scam?" And then you decide, that it is the best to continue doing the same that you did yesterday and the day before that?  The fear of a scam, and maybe also, reactions and doubts from other people, make you continue with your old life.  When you dream of something, anything, a better ...
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Våga vara dig själv!

by Anette Samuelsson Relationships, Self Improvement, Home and Family
Det är inte lätt att våga vara sig själv Jag mötte en fantastisk tjej, en modig tjej och en stark tjej som vågade vara sig själv. Vad är det som är så speciellt då? Jo denna tjej var född i fel kropp som man ibland uttrycker det. Hon var född som man, för hon hade ett manligt könsorgan, och då är man i vårt samhälle en man. Punkt. Så är reglerna satta.  Hon berättade att hon kände att något var fel, men kunde ...
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Motivation, 5-second rule, Change!

by Anette Samuelsson Home Based Business, Relationships, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement
Ideas and hesitation and the brain protect us.  Interesting interview with Mel Robbins about why we work. How the brain protects us. The fear that makes us hesitate. And how we can let the Fear rule our life.  But you can change! 5-second rule.  Use the 5-second rule, and shoot yourself like a Rocket! There is a way to train your brain to go from auto-pilot to a Decision Maker!  Listen to this Powerful Story!  Autopilot, to do what you did yesterday, and the day before ...
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High Ticket Sales as an Affiliate

by Anette Samuelsson Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online
Earn Money Online as an Affiliate There is many ways to earn money online. One way is to be an affiliate marketer. That means that you market products and get a commission from the sale. That is set up by programs and codes that knows that you are the marketer. Fabolous I think!  You can be an Affiliate for a local business or from High Ticket Sales. One High Ticket sale can widely overcome several low ticket sales.  Affiliate Marketing is a good ...
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Free your Mind, and the rest will follow!

by Anette Samuelsson Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online
Free your Mind from others expectations. Free your Mind from what holds you back! Free your Mind from that you "are not enough good" Free your mind from that You Can´t, that you Don´t Deserve... You deserve a Life that is Good!  You are good enough, smart enough, and you deserve all the best.  You CAN, and you can do things that YOU love, even if others don´t love it.  You just have ONE LIFE!  Do the best of it, it won´t repeat. Do you want to ...
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Whos path do you follow?

by Anette Samuelsson Home Based Business, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
Do you follow your parent's path?  Have you been raised to go to school, get good degrees and a good job?  Which path do you teach your children to take? Do you raise them to go to school, get good degrees and a good job?  Are you on the right path, or should you be anywhere else?  What is a GOOD JOB? Is it to work much, have time in queues, be tired, miss your children's progress, first step, first word, first day in school? Is ...
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Success, Money, Freedom, Happiness, Progress?

by Anette Samuelsson Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
How fast can Online Business give you Progress, Happiness, Money, Freedom and Success?  Well, first of all, what is Progress and Success? Is Happiness about having loads of Money? Is Money the first thing that makes you take the step in the Online Business world?  After some months I have reached Progress, Happiness and Success! Read more HERE about How this happened.  I have changed my life, because when I took the first step, then my guts grow, and now I can do ...
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Have you set your goal?

by Anette Samuelsson Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Reference and Education, Shopping and Product Reviews
Have you set your goal for your life? Do you have a Roadmap? Are you checking it now and then, and upgrade it?  I think that our goals in life are something you have to really look at now and then. What goal do I really have in my life, relationship, work, and family life? And how can I achieve it and most of all, Am I On The Right Road?!? It is really easy to just follow the stream. You have your job, ...
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Train your Brain to become a Millionaire!

by Anette Samuelsson Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
If you’ve been looking to make a change in your life, then today’s blog might be one of the most important messages you have ever read.  Here’s why: John Assaraf (New York Times Best Selling Author and Founder of NeuroGym) just opened up three “paths” you can follow that could possibly lead you to your dream life. Each one of these video trainings shows you some of the NEW ways the latest brain science discoveries that can help you not only change your ...
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The Greatest Day, is the Day you use to Live!

by Anette Samuelsson Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Health and Fitness
What is a Great Day in Online Business?  Is it to do a big sale? To make the greatest Advertisement? To launch a new Homepage? Or is it when you look out in the morning and see that this day is perfect to go to the beach? And then you do it! Because You Can! Today when I sat in my Garden, I came to the conclusion that a Great Day in Online Business is that I can decide what to do. ...
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Fears, Anxiety and Growth!

by Anette Samuelsson Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
Taking the step out of your Comfort Zone is a step that can take you to the stage of Anxiety. I have been there, and I write about it HERE  My perhaps, biggest decision in my life, where I decided to Follow My Dream! And it was thrilling, nervous, filled with anxiety, sickness, happiness, proudness, strength and a lot of other words.  When you read my blog, you will also see that the fears disappear! You Grow, you learn new skills and strengths. ...
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WFH benefits

by Anette Samuelsson Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Kids and Teens
Work From Home Benefits Could be a lot, and today when I worked from home, just sipping my coffee and working on my computer, I realized that 3 of my horses was out. They had broken the fence to the field and were now totally free.  If I now had been at an office or so, I hadn´t realized this for about 7 hours later, or if the Police had found them loose somewhere and I had read it on Facebook or ...
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Work on Holidays or have the Holiday as Work?

by Anette Samuelsson Home Based Business, Self Improvement, Home and Family
Vacation from Online Business?  This weekend I was on Holiday. I still work full time as in the Swedish Police Force as a Criminal Investigator. And on the side, I grow my Online Business. I and some friends had a Holiday for some days and took a trip to Great Britain Thursday to Monday. We are all interested in Horses and went to watch a Horse Trial, but also to just have Time Off.  I packed my computer of course and thought that ...
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May the Force be with you!

by Anette Samuelsson Home Based Business, Relationships, Self Improvement
Yes! You always have the Force! But how do you use it?  What is your best Force? Powerful message HERE from Tony Robbins! It is TIME to take the Power and really USE it. Not by accident, instead consciously! The Power of Life, that can transform our lives. I think it is awesome to think about it, and I am happy to have made my choice taking the steps to be a Digital Online Entrepreneur!  Love My Life!  Short blog post today, Bye from Anette
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How can I be a Goal Achiever? Here is the help!

by Anette Samuelsson Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
The recipe to Achieve your Goals  is first to go from Interested in your Dream and Goal to be Committed to your Dream and Goal.  As interested, you will be with most of the other people in the world. You are interested and do what all others do, what fits the situation, but not more. As Committed, you do what is necessary. You Learn what you need to learn, and do what you need to do.  HERE you can read more, and see this ...
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Best business to start while still working full time?

by Anette Samuelsson Home Based Business, Self Improvement, Kids and Teens
Starting a business while still working full time, isn´t that impossible?  I would say that it depends on which business you choose, but Online Business is a perfect choice if you want to still work full time! The benefits of working Online is that you have the Freedom already from the start. You can work an hour in the morning, or just on Saturdays, or in the middle of the night. I mean that is just the Freedom you want isn´t it, ...
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Will you be cheated on your Life Dessert? Or do you take it in advance?

by Anette Samuelsson Business, Home Based Business, Home and Family
What is the Life Dessert?  For many people, it is the retirement, when you don´t have to work the long hours and weeks, and when you can do the things that you have saved the entire life for.  Or do you take the Dessert during your life? Do you have that kind of life? The Freedom, possibilities to travel, do the stuff you want, and feel fulfilled?  Today at my work as a Police Officer, investigating Frauds I had this conversation. An old couple ...
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Decision is a Mindset. Try is not!

by Anette Samuelsson Business, Home Based Business, Relationships
What? Shouldn´t I try?  Well no! Because when you Try, you don´t do your best. And you will fail when the hurdles come.  When you have made a Decision, then you have the right Mindset, and then NO hurdles can stop you. You will solve everything that comes in your way because you made up your mind! Read more here in my blog post on my homepage.  To have your dream come true, you need to make the Decision, and work for it! So are you ...
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Do you treat yourself as your best friend?

by Anette Samuelsson Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Communications
Do we treat ourselves properly?  Often we are very supportive of friends and family if someone feels unlucky, unsuccessful and someway bad.  But how do we treat ourselves? I think that I don´t achieve a lot, I have not that lot of time, I have a lot on my To-do-list. And I forget all the things I really do! I just don´t see my own achievements! Why do we treat ourselves so bad? Why do we not support ourselves as well as we should ...
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