May is Mental Health Awareness Month

by Ryan 'Christopher' Barnett Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
May is Mental Health Awareness month and many people are not aware of it.  Myself included in this group. The month was declared in 1949 as a time to educate the public on mental health and deficiencies.  The theme last year was "Risky Business". So suiting since not much is really known about how the brain works.  Next to outer space, the brain is the unknown frontier.  This year's theme is #4mind4body. This is an impactful theme considering the age ...
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The waking hours are the most important ones

by Ryan 'Christopher' Barnett Health and Fitness, Self Improvement
Step away from the phone. Ditch the screens. Don't turn on the TV, first thing when you wake up.   We live in the digital world where we find it hard to get a moment peace away from the global world.  Many of us would freak out and feel lost and naked if we miss place our phones.  We can't go a full hour without seeking a media site for updates.  We schedule our social lives around television watching events or replays ...
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