Is outsourcing the key to success?

by Clint Pilgrim Business, Communications
What is outsourcing? Outsourcing is when you give certain part of your company like the public services to a private company or freelancer. That portion is part of your company but you just allot that certain portion outside the company. That specific portion or activity can be performed internally in the company but you hire someone else to be responsible for it so that you can look after more important stuff. People put in a lot of blood and sweat in their ...
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What Is A Lifestyle Business?

by Clint Pilgrim Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
Even the name "lifestyle business" has an appealing ring. That's why this type of enterprise is catching on with entrepreneurs the world over. Where this type of business differs from others is the purpose for its existence.Lifestyle businesses have one purpose, which is to help sustain a particular lifestyle for the founder or founders. These types of enterprises are common among Instagram and Youtube celebrities who travel or engage in a passion which their fans support directly. This idea probably around ...
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